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Four leading institutions in HUMANISTIC EDUCATION have come together to make available to any interested person, company or institution, this simple, anonymous and free quiz which allows us to determine the meanings we give to our work.

Institute for Ethics in Communication and Organizations

Academic institute member of the University of Valencia which promotes ethical reflection and commitment to improve society. It promotes a vision of the humanistic management in organizations, which places people and their moral responsibility at the center of all activity.

Abigail Adams Institute

Independent academic institute which offers additional Humanistic Education to the intellectual community of Harvard University, through a wide variety of activities and training programs including summer seminars for Harvard students and other universities in the Cambridge and Boston area.

The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University

Academic institute whose objective is to study and promote, from the quantitative social sciences, the integral human development (human flourishing). To this end, it develops systematic approaches for the integration of knowledge from all disciplines. The program aspires to integrate this knowledge in a coherent way, thus promoting human well-being.

Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno Foundation

Non-profit foundation constituted by Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno and Seebacher as founder and first President, whose mission is the study and care of nature, the promotion of scientific research, the training of young people and the conservation of its own historical-artistic heritage.


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