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Once the quiz is finished, you will obtain your results graphically as shown below as an example.


of work motivations
Your answers will configure a map of work motivations (Coordinates) with the meanings we give to work (Compass) and the direction we can follow (Compass), and the direction we can follow (Roadmap), to find greater professional motivation and personal growth.


Value the motivations at work, which, as in other areas of life, respond to the ‘logic of love’, understood as the desire for good, since we all need to be loved, to love others, ourselves and, in the case of believers, return love to God. Therefore, happiness at work also depends on the presence or absence of the desire for good.


Find out the meaning you give to your work; as a Job when seeking to satisfy the extrinsic motivations of material goods, as a Career when the motivations are recognition, success or professional achievement, as a Calling when motivation is moral achievement and contribution to a purpose that transcends us (serve, please and do good). Finally, when work is conceived as a response to a Higher Calling, of a spiritual nature in the case of believers, it is possible to speak of a higher or divine calling.


The roadmap proposes a path to grow in motivation and thus find greater meaning in work through the desire to seek higher and more transcendental goods. In this way, it will be possible to go from the logic of fear (a negative emotion caused by the possible and inevitable ‘loss’ of some good), to the logic of love (the free desire to ‘achieve’ some good). In the workplace, this takes the form of valuing and recognizing the ‘good’ that having a job means, being able to develop a career, responding with generosity, passion and exemplary character to one’s own professional calling, and, in the case of believers, responding to the encounter and union with God at work.


Follow the evolution to grow as a person
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